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My stated aim with the teaching section of KPHMS is to reduce the costs of learning to play a brass instrument. This includes the cost of taking examinations. I have also introduced an introductory set of exams along the lines of the ABRSM Music Medal schemes.

KPHMS offers Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for brass instruments in treble and bass clef.

The bronze award is based on my own scheme of work. I have followed this scheme now for a number of years with all my new students. The downloadable booklet starts with just three notes applied to the simple tune of Hot Cross Buns. There then follows a gradual introduction of notes through to a full scale plus a few extra notes to cover C Major and A Minor.

Most of the simple tunes in the booklet are written by me and come complete with a CD accompaniment that is also downloadable from this site.

When the student has completed the booklet they then take a formal individual exam where they are asked to play three of the tunes, two with the CD, plus the C Major and A Harmonic Minor scales, simple sight reading and some simple lip flexibilities. They are then asked some simple viva voce questions relating to note values, key words such as dynamics/pitch etc. And also some basic questions on how their instrument works and how to perform simple maintenance tasks such as how to oil the valves or grease the slides etc.

The student then receives a certificate, and an enamel badge in either bronze, silver or gold. I present the certificates to each student in their school assemb lies or gatherings in order to give them full recognition of their achievement

It seems to work out very well…

If you are a teacher and are interested in pursuing this alternative to music medals then please download the booklets and CD tracks with my compliments. If you wish your students to progress and receive a certificate and badge then in line with my stated aim of reducing costs to learn, the cost of receiving the certificate and badge for all levels is £7.50.

I would ask teachers to contact me via the contact form for details of the sight reading tests, and the viva voce questions, and how the tests should be conducted. Details of how to make the payment to KPHMS can also be forwarded to you through the contact form

New Starter Booklet - Bronze Award
New Starter MP3 - Click To Download